Creative Direction
& Code


Jennifer Bannert

Exhibition and catalogue design for Jennifer Bannert´s afterglow at 1822-Forum in Frankfurt a.M.
+ artist website concept & coding.

Jennifer Bannert website


High Ends

Excepts from the exhibition catalogue “High ends” for the 2018 University of art and design Offenbach graduates at Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden.

Edition of 400, 68 pages, 210 x 297 mm

¸.•* Landesgartenschau 2020 *•..¸

“The gesture of a tease must have originated from celestial bodies first toying with terrestrials who willingly acquiesced by way of retaliation. Thus, an age-old dynamic of endless play unfolds within the genre of cruelty. Where better to situate such activity, than in a garden?”

Poster for The Mythical Institution  Jan Berger


Hessischer Literaturrat

Publication designs f. Manon Hopf, Jan Wilm, Jenifer Becker, Milena Maren Röthig, Friederike Kenneweg, Dierk Huelstrunk, Ruth Johanna Benrath, Claudia Brendler (Literature residency program initiated by Hessischer Literraturrat with Madelyn Rittner).

Hessischer Literaturrat


2018-2020 collective with Marina Hoppmann ♥

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The Potential

“More truce time.”

Full identity for “The Potential” festival, initiated by Tresor Berlin and Mike Banks (Underground Resistance).


Full website developement (graphics + code) for “Wege in die Pflegeausbildung” in Offenbach am Main.

“WiP aims to attract women and men with a migration background, including people who have fled to Germany, for training in elderly care, nursing and child care. The project team supports and accompanies the project participants in a variety of ways before and during the training.”

WiP Website

` *•彡 sch00l 彡•* `

Posters for lectures and exhibitions.